Practical, Efficient, and Affordable. Vinyl Floors are not only durable, stylish, and simple to install, they are also easy to clean and maintain, making your life easy and your home hygienic.

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What is a vinyl floor?

Manufactured from PVC and other compounds, Vinyl is a resilient type of flooring. PVC and other compounds combine to create different designs and colors. They come as floor tiles or sheets and are applied to the subfloor with the help of special adhesive or mastic. Originally created as a replacement for rubber floors, vinyl is more durable and unaffected by oxygen exposure or alkaline moisture. Often used in commercial settings, vinyl floors are easy to clean and resistant to wear. It also comes in various price ranges, making it a possible choice for people on a budget.

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How to Clean Vinyl Floors

Step 1: Maintain your floor :

1.Use a doormat- The first thing you need to know when it comes to vinyl floor cleaners is how to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place. A doormat helps keep out your vinyl floor’s two greatest enemies: dirt and chemicals. The substances you track into your house on your shoes are damaging to vinyl flooring. Dirt, tiny pits of gravel, and chemicals from asphalt are abrasive to the vinyl and over time will cause it to get scratched and yellowed. The solution is to wipe your shoes on a doormat, or, even better, take them off when you enter the house.

2.Sweep regularly- Sweep every day to prevent dirt and dust from building up and becoming a problem. Simply get a soft bristle broom and lightly sweep your vinyl floor for 20 or so minutes every day. You will notice when it comes time to clean there is less dust and dirt because you have already tackled the build-up. Dirt and dust act as an abrasive and take the sheen off of vinyl flooring. If you'd prefer not to use a broom, you could use a dry mop or vacuum to remove everyday dust and debris. However, make sure not to use a beater bar on your vinyl floor if you vacuum it since this can damage the vinyl. Only use soft attachments.

3.Clean spills right away- Cleaning up messes right away will keep your floor looking new and prevent you from doing a lot of work later.

Step 2: Light Cleaning :

Resist the temptation to blast away dirt with heavy-duty cleaners. Instead, learn how to clean vinyl floors using the mildest possible method. Sweep or vacuum it every evening, and wipe up spills right away. To clean dirt that the broom or vacuum can’t get, use a mop dampened with warm—not hot—water. If all else fails, use soap, but make sure the soap is designed for your flooring

Step 3: Deep Cleaning :

1.Using dish soap for deeper dirt- Mix up your standard apple cider vinegar solution, but this time adds a tablespoon of dish soap. The soap should help lift dirt that's embedded in the floor. Use a mop made with nylon scrub bristles for deeper cleaning.

2.Removing scuffs- Vinyl flooring is infamous for getting scuffed, but luckily there's an easy way to remove them. Place jojoba oil or WD-40 on a soft cloth, and use it to rub the scuff marks. If the scuffs are simply on the surface of the floor, they'll rub right off.

3.Removing stains with soda paste- Mix baking soda with enough water to make a thick paste, and use a soft cloth to rub it over stains from food, like wine or berry juice. The baking soda is slightly abrasive and should take the stains right up.

4.Removing makeup or ink stains with rubbing alcohol- Dab a soft cloth in rubbing alcohol and rub it over bathroom stains from makeup and other pigmented items. The alcohol will lift the stains from the vinyl without damaging it.

5.Use a soft nylon brush for scrubbing- If there's a tricky stain that won't come up with a soft cloth, you can scrub with a soft nylon brush. Make sure you don't use a stiff-bristled brush, since it could leave scratches on your floor.

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Vinyl is a great option for durable, inexpensive flooring. Cleaning vinyl floors is not an overly complicated task. It just takes a little time, dedication, and the right knowledge.

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