How to Remove Vinyl Flooring?

Made from synthetic material, Vinyl is durable, affordable, water-resistant, and easy to install. Available in many distinct styles, tones, and textures, vinyl flooring is sure to bring attractiveness to your living space. Vinyl flooring is available in tiles, sheets, and planks which make it easy to install. But the removal of the vinyl is a tedious process. Read on to know step by step how you can remove vinyl flooring by yourself.

Methods of Removing Vinyl Flooring

1. Safety First:

It is necessary to take certain safety precautions before commencing the process of removing vinyl. A heat gun is used while removing the vinyl flooring but it can be a dangerous process. A heat gun can cause ignition of flammable material so make sure to hold the heat gun far enough from flammable or work materials and make sure to wear gloves.

2. Clearing the area:

The foremost step in removing the vinyl flooring is to clear the area. Take out all the furniture from the room so that you have unrestricted access to the area.

3. Remove the baseboards:

Edges of the flooring are usually covered by baseboards hence to remove the vinyl flooring you will need to take away the baseboards.

4. Start removing from the center:

Typically the middle of the vinyl flooring is not glued down as the vinyl flooring is entirely perimeter installed hence only a 6-inch perimeter is glued down. So start by cutting around 8 inches from the wall while keeping your cuts parallel to the wall. Cutting in narrow stripes is a more manageable option. Gently pull each stripe. If you face any resistance from the adhesive you can use a scraper tool to loosen the stripe.

Another method of removing vinyl is using heat guns. Start by turning on the heat gun on low, wait for it to adequately heat up. The next step is to wave it around the junctions between the flooring and subflooring. Try to heat the top side of the floor in a small section and then pull the section back.

5. Remove the glue:

Often there is some adhesive left on the subfloor after the removal of the vinyl flooring. Use a mixture of warm water and soap and apply it uniformly to the glue and allow the concoction to soak in. The glue will soften and will be easily removed. If this method does not work, hold the heat gun over the glue until it softens and then it can be removed.

6. Clean up:

Finish off the process by following some clean-up. Use a vacuum or a broom to remove all the dirt and debris collected.

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