Pros and Cons of Installing Vinyl Flooring on Stairs?


Vinyl floors are a great option for many homeowners. The reason for this is that they are not only cheaper but can use for a very long term. It has become a very demanding flooring option in recent years because of its capability to fight off moisture and its versatile appearance. Vinyl flooring can realistically imitate wood, stone, marble, and a vast range of other luxury flooring materials. Often people use vinyl flooring not only for the floors but for the stairs as well. Vinyl is a good material for stairs because it is easy to clean and not slippery which protects against injuries. It is also an affordable option that comes with an easy installation process. There are important two types of vinyl flooring that bring a similar look to ceramic tiles or sheet flooring. However, like other construction materials vinyl flooring has its weakness and strengths. Here are some pros and cons of installing vinyl flooring on stairs.

Pros Of Vinyl Flooring

1)Easy To Install

Luxury vinyl flooring is DIY and easy to use. One good thing about vinyl tiles and planks is they are coming with the peel and stick process which can make it easier to install without hiring a professional expert you can install with yourself as well. Luxury vinyl planks don't require to be pin-down while installing. Luxury vinyl plank comes with a click and lock system that allows them to settle down as a floating floor. In a large area, you apply glue to have a better strength with the vinyl underlayment and sub-floor. The good thing about vinyl is that it comes with a peel-and-stick method, which generally requires pressing gently on the sub-floor. If your floor is level then you don't need any tool even a beginner can also pull it off.


Vinyl is easily accessible waterproof and stain-resistance and lasts long up to 10-20 years with 15 years of warranty. It is highly long-lasting if it's taken care of well. It's able to grasp misuse due to the wear layer on the surface competent to resist scratches and stains. Daily sweeping and weekly mopping without the use of any harsh chemicals will keep your floor shine and glossy. The water-resistant and waterproof power inhibits the growth of molds, make them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Water perish flooring surfaces over time, there is no risk of vinyl flooring gets damaged by water spills. For longer durability choose wood effect vinyl that has fewer joints when installing because it comes with one large piece. Joints can lead to moisture which trickles through them hence deteriorating the life of the vinyl flooring.


Vinyl flooring is flexible underfoot than other tough surface flooring options, making it much easier to stand for a longer period. Unlike ceramic tiles, it doesn't get too cold during winter or too hot during winter. Install a vinyl that has proper shock underlayment to help provide comfort to your feet and dabble the sound when walking on the stairs floor. Line floorings are also a great option to install because it provides comfort to barefoot and it will be a great pick for your bathroom, as it is water resistance. Grey bathroom lino is good to install in the bathroom as it hides the stain or splashes of water that might spill.

Low Maintenance

Not all the floorings are easy to clean compare to the vinyl sheet flooring. Vinyl titles require daily sweeping and mopping because the stain can be easily seen on the tiles so you have to clean it regularly, whereas vinyl sheet flooring just required sweeping once, and even if you don't mop the floor the dirt won't show off easily. Kids bedroom flooring requires a lot of cleaning so if you install vinyl sheets you don't have to worry much about cleaning.

Attractive Designs

Vinyl sheets are available in many designs such as stone and hardwood that have enchanted textures and patterns to select from. Luxury vinyl planks are available in darker shades because it is best used for making the larger areas feel cozier. The natural and lighters tone can help to make the smaller area looks cozier.

Cons Of Vinyl Flooring


Even though the vinyl sheets have a protective layer that protects them from stains, this type of flooring is permitting to discoloration. If you purchase low-quality vinyl sheets, they can eventually become yellow over time. The reason for discoloration can also take place because of direct sunlight exposure. However, if you purchase high-quality vinyl it can help from resistance.

Underlayment Issue

Vinyl requires a flat smoothing subfloor to work on. Because vinyl is comparably soft, even small grains trapped beneath the floor can wear down the materials over time, causing lumps to show on the surfaces. These noticeable lumps on the surface of the vinyl can make it look untidy.

Difficult To Repair

If your vinyl sheet is badly damaged with scratches or stains you only have the option either to remove the entire vinyl sheet or to replace the affected area which will show patches, this patch will have joints that will make the water-permeable, so water can easily pass into the sheets causing damages.

Hard To Remove

Vinyl flooring is stick down with strong glues. Once the glue bonds with the sub-floor, removing it becomes very difficult. However, if you remove it with any tools or with any cleaners it will stick take a very long time.

Enivrinomental factors

Vinyl is made up of non-biodegradable material and can sit there for a very long time without decaying. Vinyl has a different level of various substances which makes it harder to recycle. On the other hand, when it burns it produces toxic gases which are harmful to the surroundings.


Vinyl flooring is a great pick for many homeowners. As it is very simple, affordable, and versatile. It is perfect for a home that has a daily requirement for cleaning and also it is waterproof. It is a cheaper and efficient way to give your house a perfect hardwood and ceramic tile look. If you are planning to install a vinyl sheet on your stairs and you don't know the pros and consequences have a look at the given point mentioned above.

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