What is the Best Flooring for pets?

Pet's especially dogs and cats are special family members in almost every household. So many owners are worried about what flooring to choose when it comes to owning a pet because there is a higher chance of pets causing damage to the floors. The reality is that most pet owners are conflicted about the love they have for their pets and the damages caused by them on the expensive floors. So when they bring any pets and if they leave unpleasant scratch mark all over, it can be quite disappointing. Here are some options of best flooring to choose for your pet.

1) Cork:

Cork flooring is an excellent choice for pet owners. It is a hardwood flooring and it is also bacteriological. Bacteriological means if a pet met an accident it is less likely to develop infections or any other harmful allergies. It is pet-friendly flooring. Another thing about cork flooring is that it absorbs the sounds that are caused by the little paws of the pets. If you want to have a pet and you don't want to hear the sounds every time, you can install the cork floorings which easily trap the noise. Another thing about cork flooring is that it is scratch-resistant. As no natural wood flooring is fully scratch-resistant, cork flooring is more adjustable for pets always. This is due to the strong enough properties of cork flooring which naturally impacts resistance. Because of the cork's non-slip properties pets do not have to use their claws to move and because these anti-slip properties present in the cork flooring protect them from scratching.

2) Bamboo:

Bamboo flooring is a good option for pet owners because of its longevity and scratch resistance. Bamboo provides a unique look to your floor and it is easier to maintain. Bamboo flooring is very stylish, eco-friendly, and resistant to wear and tear. Bamboo flooring comes in handy when we trying to sweep up all the pet hairs. Also, some types of bamboo flooring have an anti-slip layer which gives it a shiny hard surface.

3) Tiles:

Tiles are long-lasting and timeless which will never go out of style. If you have a pet, tiles are the best option too because tiles are easier to clean and scratch-resistant. Tiles floors have good texture, cement layer which provides plenty of grips for your pets. You can quickly sweep or vacuum up the extra hairs easily. Spills and stains can also be wiped easily. The two best flooring options for tiles are ceramic and porcelain as they are sealed and glaze which have extra protection.

4) Vinyl plank flooring:

Vinyl plank flooring is waterproof, scratch, and stain-resistant flooring which is also comfortable for the underfoot. There are many different types of vinyl flooring, but the best one is Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and Stone plastic composite(SPC) flooring as they are waterproof, and not permanently fixed with the floor, so moisture doesn't penetrate in it. Lino flooring has a similar look to wood and stone flooring. You can also use black vinyl flooring for pets because the scratches are made by the pets are less visible.

5) Vinyl sheet:

The vinyl sheets are highly long-lasting and resistant to moisture, scratches, and dents. They are also easy to maintain. It's comfortable for pets to walk on. If you have dark grey vinyl then you don't have to worry about the stains or scratches because it is invisible to see.

6) Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring stands up against scratches and stains, making it great for pets who are mostly active all the time around the house. Laminates flooring is similar to Vinyl (WPC) and (SPC) flooring. However, laminates flooring is not waterproof. Laminates flooring provides a similar look to hardwood flooring. Keeping that in mind the laminates that you choose should be highly resistant to water also because if it's not water-resistant anything that spills on the floor can cause damage and you have to replace it again. Sometimes pets go out for a walk and when they come inside the house they bring water on their paws and that causes a mess. Since laminates floors tend to be slippery you should a one that has a textured surface as this prevents your dogs from slipping while they are walking.

7) Solid Wood Flooring:

Solid wood flooring is made up of just a single layer of the woodpile. Solid wood plank can be redone multiple times if necessary allowing the floor to last for a long time. Solid wood is extremely strong and if the pet scratches the floor it doesn't cause any damage to it. You can even choose a stain-free color with a urethane finish meaning it has a tough handle to traffic or any scratches caused by the pets, and it is resistant to almost everything.

8) Engineered Wood Floors:

Another flooring that you can choose for your pets is engineered wood. Engineered wood contains three layers of hardwood as well as a "wear layer" on top of the hardwood which protects it from scratching. Some engineered floor can which contain a thicker wood layer can be sanded and can use again if the scratches are too much visible.

9) Carpets

Many pets owners are worried about if they choose carpets for their pets it's very challenging to clean them daily. But there are many carpets flooring which is specifically designed for pets that are stain-resistant against stains and soils. Makes sure to choose a carpet that has a moisture poof pad for a more comfortable feel. Modular carpet tiles are the best option to have for pets if you are looking for low maintenance and cleaning.


Pet owner needs to keep in mind while choosing a floor for pets ensure that it is scratch-free, easy to clean won't trap any dust or stain, and can be maintained easily. To prevent them from scratching or any type of damages that is caused by the pets you should install a floor that is highly made from strong wood as it causes less damage to the floors. Hardwood flooring gives a neat and finished look to your floors.

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