Vinyl flooring helps in updating your interior, providing freshness and style. This affordable flooring option is easy to install and comes in a wide range of different styles to select from. Vinyl flooring is made from synthetic materials such as PVC vinyl, fiberglass, and a plasticizer. Due to the impressive durability and versatility of vinyl, it serves as a great option for your home. Vinyl flooring possesses certain characteristics such as resistance to moisture or its ability to replicate tile and hardwood, which makes it well suited for rooms where any other type of flooring won't suit well. Read on to know the top places in your home where vinyl flooring will suit you best.

Types of Vinyl Flooring :

1.Plank: An affordable, water-proof, and wood alike option, Luxury Vinyl Planks offer warmth and great texture underfoot and can be installed with a peel and stick or glue-down method.

2.Tile: Vinyl Tile Flooring offers a durable, affordable, and low-maintenance option which is easy to install, be it anywhere in your home.

3.Sheet: Frequently used as an alternative to ceramic tile, natural stone, or even hardwood, sheet vinyl is especially used in rooms like laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms which are prone to moisture. The layered construction of vinyl sheets helps in providing stability, cushioning, and a protective finish for durability. Sheet flooring is laid down in sheets that are 6 or 12 feet wide—is water-resistant and easy to install.

Places to use Vinyl Flooring

For your Kitchen, vinyl flooring is the best option for several reasons.

•It is moisture-resistant and durable.

•Even if there is a water spill, no need to worry as long as you wipe it down in time, it will cause no permanent damage to your vinyl floor.

•Vinyl floor is springy and comfortable to stand on as compared to tile or hardwood. (standing on hard surfaces can be tough on your joints if you spend a long time cooking in your kitchen)

•If you drop dishes accidentally, they are less likely to break on a vinyl floor.

•Vinyl floors come in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes hence it allows you to get just any look for your kitchen, be it- stone, tile, or hardwood, without any concerns about sealing or moisture damage.

•Luxury vinyl planks and tiles excellently imitate hardwood and other materials and that too at the lower price point.

Fabrication from waterproof materials, such as PVC makes vinyl flooring a perfect option for water-prone areas of your house. Vinyl floor is a great option for any room in your house, but it exceeds its potential in the laundry room, basement, kitchen, and bathrooms. Vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, so it can be used almost anywhere inside your house. It is especially suited to wet areas of your home, where water often ends up on the floor, such as bathrooms. Sheet vinyl flooring is an exceptionally good option for your bathroom as it doesn’t have seams. Another advantage of having vinyl in your bathroom is that it’s not as cold as stone or tile. Vinyl flooring imitates the real look of stone, tile, and hardwood but it’s much comfortable to walk on.

3.Small Apartments :

In small apartment spaces, it’s much easier to use one type of flooring which can be installed throughout the apartment rather than having different types of flooring for each room. Vinyl flooring is the best option for such cases. The vinyl floor can be quite durable. If you are looking for flooring that's built to last for the longest period of time, go for vinyl flooring collections that have the strongest resistance to scratch, wear, and stain. Vinyl flooring is one of the most economic options of flooring that you can choose. When you compare the cost of vinyl to that of wood, stone, or ceramic flooring, vinyl flooring offers considerable cost savings

While these areas may be ideal for vinyl flooring, but you can install vinyl flooring in virtually any room in your house!

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