A popular flooring material, Vinyl is affordable along with providing ease of installation, making it ideal for DIYs. Vinyl flooring helps in updating your interior, providing freshness and style. Vinyl flooring can stand up to dirt, dust, and moisture while being subjected to constant foot traffic and yet doesn’t waiver in providing beauty and class to your living space. Vinyl floorings provide ease of installation and can be even installed on another type of floor, although that might require some professional guidance. If you are about to install vinyl flooring in your home, there may be a few questions that pop up in your mind, such as what is the right direction to lay vinyl flooring? In this article, we will discuss and offer some tips on how to lay vinyl flooring in the right direction.

When laying vinyl flooring in the right direction, there are several factors that are needed to be considered:

1. The Shape of your Room:

If you have a room with angled walls, you might want your floor to interact with this shape as it gives an attractive visual appeal. If that’s the case, lay your vinyl flooring diagonally. Although, if you have a room that is narrow like a hallway, then lay your vinyl flooring parallel to the longest wall which will make space feel bigger. If you have a room that measures between 10 feet by 15 feet, place your vinyl plank flooring parallel to the 15 feet wall.

2. The Direction of the Light :

Installing floors in the same direction as the natural source of light (for example- large windows) is one of the most common flooring traditions in a house. Although this might seem like a great idea when installing vinyl flooring, the new flooring trends show that it might not be the best one, especially if you have a small room with limited space. Vinyl plank flooring looks amazing in both vertical and horizontal patterns, but if you try the diagonal style, you’ll definitely be amazed by the results.

3. The Features of the Room :

You must always take into consideration the direction of the most used feature of your room when deciding upon the right direction for your vinyl flooring. For example, if you’re choosing your front door, make sure to run the flooring in the same direction as the door. If you are choosing steps, then there are not many possibilities as steps are done horizontally. However, you can consider laying your floor in the same horizontal style as the steps if you’re going for a style that creates uniformity.

4. The Floor Details :

Distinct types of floorings have a distinct conventional pattern for installation. This is usually mentioned in the manufacturer’s installation guide. Although, details of flooring such as its shape, color variation, and the grain goes a long way in deciding the direction in which the vinyl flooring should be laid as it directly affects the appealing factor when the installation is complete. Hence it really important that you pay detailed attention to your flooring and choose the best possible direction to lay down your vinyl flooring.

5. Your Preference :

At last, the way your vinyl flooring is laid out depends on what you actually prefer. However, as the end result will affect the way your room looks and feels, it would be best if you pay attention to the professional installer and merge their ideas with yours.