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Wood Effect

7 Vital Things You Need To Know About Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

Every homeowner dream of having a home interior that is fashionable yet functional. Home decor embellishments, whether conventional or contemporary, rules the interior while its flooring plays a vital role in accentuating these add-on and at the same time bestowing an extra classiness to overall appeal.

But how do you accomplish this healthy combination of aesthetics and practicality in your flooring without compromising on quality? The answer is simple- you need the versatility of impressive wood effect vinyl flooring. An increasing number of families prefer wood effect vinyl flooring in their home due to its attractive benefits and reasonable cost.

Here are few vital things you need to know about this flooring option:

1. What is wood effect vinyl flooring?

Pretty simple, wood effect vinyl flooring is a type of vinyl flooring designed to replicate the real wood. Many homeowners choose it as a cost efficient way of getting the same authentic feel and rustic charm that they have always carved for and that too at fraction of costs. It is available in an array of different styles with light and dark grains to suit any decor.

2. Why should you pick wood effect vinyl flooring?

Wood effect vinyl flooring is an impressive alternative due to its style and practicality. This range of vinyl is extremely durable, hardwearing, resistant to water, stains, and unlike real wood it does not splinter or damage easily.

Apart from being durable, wood effect vinyl also has a plush appearance that has the charisma of elevating your overall interior decor. It is also low maintenance with waterproof and sound and heat insulation property.

3. Will wood effect vinyl flooring suit any interior decoration?

Simply put, yes it will! This is because wood effect vinyl flooring is available in ample of shades like deep dark brown, grey, light brown, white washed look with natural grooves, remarkable detailing and authenticity. You can definitely find the perfect one to fit flawlessly into your interior.

4. Where can you use wood effect vinyl flooring?

Wood effect vinyl flooring is exceptionally versatile and thus can be used anywhere in the home. Just splash them in your kitchen or bathroom and watch how they add an element. It is also impressive to water, slip resistance and Stain resistant, allowing you to cook confidently no matter how many stains or spills you might make. Wood effect vinyl flooring can spruce up your bedroom and living areas with its rustic charm. You can adorn your hallways with dark wood effect vinyl flooring as they are Classic, modish and dark enough to disguise muddy footprints, giving fantastically neutral backdrop.

5. Can you get wood effect luxury vinyl tiles?

Yes! There are wide ranges of wood effect luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) that guarantees you the same plush feel and natural detailing in a very convenient package

6. How to clean wood effect vinyl flooring?

Wood effect vinyl flooring is extremely easy to clean and maintain – especially in comparison to real wood. Just vacuum it regularly and use a damp cloth to tackle stains or spillages. Always read the cleaning product’s label to ensure they are safe to use on vinyl floors.

7. Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring Safety Advice

Vinyl is water resistant but non absorbent, so any spillages should be cleaned immediately. This will lessen the risks of slips and is particularly important in homes with children or pets.

In a world filled with never-ending options, finding the perfect wood effect vinyl flooring can be a daunting task. Before you head out to the store to search for your new floors, spend a little time online doing your research. You can also visit our website www.vinylflooringuk.co.uk and get the best one home!

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