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Complete Your Vinyl Flooring Project with Quality Accessories

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of Vinyl Flooring Accessories, where attention to detail meets quality craftsmanship. We understand that the right accessories are essential for a successful and enduring vinyl flooring installation. Explore our carefully curated selection, featuring top-notch products that range from adhesives and underlays to maintenance essentials, ensuring that every aspect of your flooring project is met with excellence.


Ball Adhesives F44 - 15 Litre Bucket:
Make your vinyl flooring installation a breeze with the Ball Adhesives F44. Our 15-litre bucket ensures you have ample high-performance adhesive to secure your vinyl flooring effectively. F44 is renowned for its strong bond and quick-drying properties, making it a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Ball Adhesives F49:
For specialized applications, consider the Ball Adhesives F49. This adhesive is crafted for specific vinyl flooring requirements, offering a reliable and lasting bond. Ensure your flooring project has the support it needs with F49, a trusted choice for a variety of vinyl applications.

All Fix Spray Adhesive Glue:
Experience convenience and precision with our All Fix Spray Adhesive Glue. Ideal for a range of flooring applications, this spray adhesive ensures easy and efficient bonding, allowing for quick and precise installation. It's a versatile choice for various projects, providing a secure and efficient adhesive solution.

Vinyl Adhesive Can:
For smaller-scale projects or touch-ups, our Vinyl Adhesive is a practical choice. It offers the same reliable adhesive quality in a convenient can, making it easy to apply and perfect for ensuring your vinyl flooring stays firmly in place.


Cloud 9 Underlays Connoisseur 10mm:
Elevate the comfort of your vinyl flooring with Cloud 9 Underlays Connoisseur 10mm. This premium underlay adds an extra layer of luxury, providing enhanced comfort and noise reduction for your space.

Cloud 9 Underlays Cirrus:
Experience versatility with Cloud 9 Underlays Cirrus. This underlay is designed to complement various flooring types, including vinyl. It offers thermal insulation and ease of installation, making it suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Cloud 9 Underlays Super Contract:
When durability is a priority, Cloud 9 Underlays Super Contract delivers. Engineered for high-traffic areas, it provides excellent support for your vinyl flooring, ensuring longevity and performance in busy environments.

Cloud 9 Underlays Cumulus:
For superior comfort and insulation, Cloud 9 Underlays Cumulus is the go-to choice. This underlay adds a plush feel to your vinyl flooring, making it an excellent option for areas where comfort is paramount.

Cloud 9 Radiance:
Introducing Cloud 9 Radiance, a premium underlay that combines luxurious comfort with excellent support for your vinyl flooring. Enhance the overall feel and performance of your space with this exceptional underlay.

Other Accessories:

AltroMastic 100 Flooring Sealant 290ml:
Ensure a seamless finish with AltroMastic 100 Flooring Sealant. This high-quality sealant is designed for use with vinyl flooring, providing a reliable and durable solution for finishing touches.

Every Room Carpet Underlay (15sqm):
Our EVERYROOM CARPET UNDERLAY ensures a smooth transition for your vinyl flooring. With 15 square meters of coverage, it's a practical choice for creating a comfortable and stable foundation.

Altro Weld Rods 50 Metre Coils 4.5mm Thick:
For professional-grade welding, Altro Weld Rods offer reliability and durability. These 50-meter coils with a thickness of 4.5mm provide a robust solution for joining vinyl flooring seams.

M01 25mm Vinyl Coverstrip For Carpet & Vinyl Flooring:
Achieve a polished look with the M01 25mm Vinyl Coverstrip. Ideal for transitioning between different flooring types, this coverstrip ensures a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result.

A1 Adhesive Spreader:
Simplify the adhesive application process with the A1 Adhesive Spreader. This tool ensures even distribution, promoting efficient and effective bonding for your vinyl flooring.

Coretec Flooring Maintenance Kit - Clean, Quick & Green:
Keep your vinyl flooring in top condition with the Coretec Flooring Maintenance Kit. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need for easy and effective cleaning, ensuring your floors stay looking new.

Our Vinyl Flooring Accessories collection is designed to meet the diverse needs of your vinyl flooring project. From reliable adhesives to premium underlays and essential tools, each product is selected to contribute to the success and longevity of your installation. Explore our range and enhance the beauty and performance of your vinyl flooring with top-quality accessories.


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